Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Tale of a Teddy Bear

The news from Iraq isn't all about terrorism and bombings. While cross-checking links for more info on the reconstruction effort, I came across a letter from a Marine gunnery sergeant at Blackfive about a little girl, a teddy bear, a landmine and a Marine convoy. It's worth reading the whole thing. (Hat tip Winds of Change) It ends with this comment:
It was the heart of an American that sent that toy. It was the heart of an American that gave that toy to that little girl. It was the heart of an American that protected that convoy from that mine. Sure, she was a little Iraqi girl and she had no knowledge of purple mountain's majesty or fruited plains. It was a heart of acceptance, of tolerance, of peace and grace, even through the inconveniences of conflict that saved that convoy from hitting that mine. Those attributes are what keep Americans hearts beating. She may have no affiliation at all with the United States, but she knows what it is to be brave and if we can continue to support her and her new government, she will know what it is to be free. Isn't that what Americans are, the free and the brave?

If you sent over a toy or a Marine (US Service member) you took part in this. You are a reason that Iraq has to believe in a better future. Thank you so much for supporting us and for supporting our cause over here.
[Update] One way you can help send toys to Iraq is through Operation Give. "Operation Give is grass-roots, non-partisan, volunteer-driven, and non-political. All we want to do is help children of Iraq in their recovery from years of depredation, and make the world a better place."

Blackfive also posted a long list of ways to help our troops, including Soldiers' Angels, and Spirit of America.