Thursday, December 01, 2005

By Popular Demand...

Actually, I'm a push-over for nice emails asking for links ;-)

Here's the one from Camp Katrina:
You have a great blog!

I am a soldier in the Army National Guard and recently returned from deployment in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. We have created a blog,, which shares stories and pictures from soldiers who served in operation Vigilant Relief, as well as highlighting the other great humanitarian efforts of the US military. I was wondering if we could exchange links on our sites. Our blog has been getting some media interest recently and I thought it might benefit us both. I want to let the public know about the great humanitarian work our military is doing.


Spc. Phil Van Treuren
Ohio Army National Guard
JAG Corps

And today, from CENTCOM:
Hi, Kate:

I saw your post regarding CENTCOM; Thanks for the interest!

Is there any chance you could add a permanent link to our website, I’m trying to spread the word about it!

You’re welcome to use any materials you find on our site. If you’d like me to sign you up for the weekly electronic newsletter and monthly Coalition Bulletin, just ask!

SPC C. Flowers
CENTCOM Public Affairs

Thank you gentlemen! As you can see, I've added a new category to my blogroll for Military and Milblog sites. I also added Michael Yon under Pajamahadeen.

Let me know if there are other sites I should consider adding to my list.