Sunday, November 19, 2006

Absolute Clarity

I was catching up on my reading today, and browsing through Don Surber's blog, where he posted a quote from British Prime Minister Tony Blair that displays his absolute clarity and resolve about the situation in Iraq:
We are not walking away from Iraq. We will stay for as long as the government needs us to stay. And the reason for that is that what is happening in Iraq, as in Afghanistan, as elsewhere in parts of the Middle East, is a struggle between the decent majority of people, who want to live in peace together, and those who have an extreme and perverted and warped view of Islam, who want to create war. In those circumstances, our task has got to be to stand up for the moderates and the democrats against the extremists and the sectarians. They are testing our will at the moment, and our will has not to be found wanting.
Farther down, Don posted a long comment from blogger Amy Proctor. Money quote:
There is no way a bunch of terrorists could ever defeat America if we were unified. The division is what is prolonging the engagment in Iraq. It's that simple. I hold Democrats personally responsible.
Her lengthy comment made me curious, so I followed the link to her blog Bottom Line Up Front and found wonderfully cogent posts on the war and related politics. Some recent headlines and ledes:

Kissinger Debunks Dem War Rhetoric

Bottom Line Up Front: In contrast with Democrats, Henry Kissinger says the conflict in Iraq cannot be won without a U.S. military presence.

Why the U.S. Cannot Timetable Iraq

Bottom Line Up Front: A timetable for withdrawal in Iraq would be a disaster.

Unlike Democrats, Romania Will Not Abandon Iraq

Bottom Line Up Front: Romania's honor is greater than the Democrats'.

I look forward to reading Amy's blog regularly! I've added her to my permanent blogroll under Military & Milblogs.