Sunday, March 15, 2009

Emirates unhappy with Airbus A380

If this article proves true, Airbus' fragile reputation for the A380 superjumbo is in for a drubbing (H/T

DUBAI-BASED airline Emirates is unhappy with its first four giant Airbus A380 aircraft, which showed manufacturing faults that forced flights to be cancelled, a report said on Saturday.

The German weekly Der Spiegel, in its issue to be published on Monday, said Emirates in February gave Airbus officials a 46-page report listing its complaints, including burned electric cables, missing cabin fittings and engine defects.

A source close to Airbus told AFP on Thursday Emirates was seeking a delay in the delivery of several of the long-haul A380 superjumbo jets because of financing difficulties.

The airline is Airbus's biggest customer for the double-decker A380, having ordered 58 of them.

The quality issues could provide the Emirates with the leverage to renegotiate their contract, and ease their financing difficulties.

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