Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Angels in Disguise

Bobbie S., one of my employees in Pascagoula, has been busy this past week. It took them two days to chop their way back to their neighborhood, where her house was one of the few left standing. With that miracle, she provided shelter to 26 people for several days.

She estimates she has cooked meals for more than 500 people, including the 17 homeless colleagues of her daughter's at the local hospital, and disaster relief workers.

She's been making supply runs to Pensacola, and helping distribute the goods trucked in by our company brethren in Virginia Beach this past weekend.

Bobbie feels that God spared her and her family for a reason, and she has to share what she can with those less fortunate. Life is slowly improving: she got power back at her home this afternoon. However, there is still tremendous need and thousands are homeless in the region.

Some have called her an angel in disguise. She denies that she's an angel, insisting that she's just one of many who are helping their neighbors.

I've asked her to email me stories I can post, so stay tuned.

UPDATE [9/7/05 7:45 pm]: I was on Hugh Hewitt's show this past hour talking about how Bobbie is helping those in greater need than herself. If you'd like to help people like her in the area (and there are many), I suggest working through your churches and synagogues; Hugh is encouraging partnering efforts. Also long term, Habitat for Humanity is launching "Operation Home Delivery" to help people rebuild their homes and their lives.