Monday, September 12, 2005

Thank-you note from Bobbie in Mississippi

Our company brethren in Virginia Beach sent a truck with relief supplies to the Pascagoula area over Labor Day weekend. Bobbie's grandson Nick literally had no clothes of his own after the storm, so Bobbie had asked for clothes for him--a request I relayed to the VA Beach team, and they came through with style!


This is the picture of my two little homeless urchins. Right after a bath these are the clothes they put on that came from the NGDMS truck. Nick's are from a book bag that was sent to me from Sarah Cooke. Lexi Girl has on a pair of PJs from that truck with her stuffed animal. (also from the truck) They thought they were something and my Nick said," Look Gran, these are the clothes that your nice friends sent to me"! I don't think those kids know exactly what has happened to them yet!! With the Grace of God and people like all of you, they may never!!

Lexi has on a pair of thong sandals that light up when she walks and does she think she is the Queen of Sheba or what. They even asked me, "Gran don't we have any of our clothes anymore?" I said, No baby, but it's OK, you'll get whatever you need. He just said OK Gran and went about his business as only a child can. Maybe when you see the smiles on the Joys of my Life along with their 4 cousins, how I feel will shine through. I truly hope so. My love and appreciation is felt for all of you everyday. Thank you and Thank you.