Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Great comment from Captain Ed

I just had to pass on this pithy comment from Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters:
Gratitude aside, partisanship comes as a symptom of what ails the court in the first place -- and why the appointment of originalists has become so necessary. In the true mold of the Constitution, politics would play little role in confirming jurists, and a man or woman with Alito's experience would hardly get any remarks when promoted to the Supreme Court. Only because the Court in recent decades has arrogated legislative powers to itself does partisan politics now play a role in getting nominees confirmed. The very demands that Democrats place on these nominees demonstrates the corrupt outlook previous courts have taken with the Constitution, and why jurists like Alito and Roberts provide the only antidote.
If you want in-depth analysis of Judge Alito's record as the debate progresses — rather than mere talking points — my short list of lawyer's blogs includes: