Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Prayer Request

A friend on a Christian email list sent the following request:
Please pray for and send messages of support to the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem. It's the only hospital in the area that treats Palestinians, regardless of their insurance or lack of insurance. The Israeli government is trying to revoke the 30+ year non-profit status of the hospital and also trying to collect millions of US dollars in 'arrears' taxes. As Augusta Victoria is funded completely by donations from around the world, this would mean an immediate closure of the hospital. As you can read in the article below, that would be devastating to the people in the Palestinan Territories.

Pass this along. Write. Pray. Whatever your feeling on Israeli/Palestinian politics, basic medical services should be available for everybody.
Full details of the situation are at The Lutheran World Federation. While the situation has taken several years to develop, the next critical date in the process is 01 DEC 2005, when a hearing before the Israeli Supreme Court is scheduled.

For more information, per the LWF site:
Write to Rev. Mark B. Brown, Regional Representative, The Lutheran World Federation, P.O. Box 19178, Jerusalem 91191; phone +972-2-628-2289; send an email to mark@lwfjerusalem.org; or visit our website: www.lwfjerusalem.org.