Monday, September 01, 2008

Political Calculus

My two cents on the political reasons for canceling the evening events for the Republican National Convention today.
  1. Hurricane Gustav, aside from being a reminder of the devastation wrought in New Orleans by the levee breaks after Katrina, will pre-empt media attention from anything going on in Minneapolis-St. Paul. The fact that the media are pushing the Katrina comparisons to hype the drama of a natural disaster-in-the-making doesn't help.
  2. Why give talking points to the Democrats? Katrina tarnished the Bush administration, the Dems like to say that McCain is another Bush, and even if he isn't, the Dems would hound the Republicans for "partying" and not feeling the pain of the victims.
I think this is another example of McCain's OODA loop being inside the opposition's. He pre-empted their entire line of attack by changing the ground rules again.

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