Monday, October 11, 2004

Columbus Day Digest

Positive developments:Iraq WMD report and UN Oil-For-Food scandal:
  • Duelfer report (also known as Iraq Study Group, CIA report, etc.)
  • Duelfer's testimony before Congress (also see INDC Journal)
  • Claudia Rosett's latest at NRO Saddam’s Sugar Daddy
    CIA chief weapons inspector Charles Duelfer may not have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but he sure found information enough to blow the lid off the simmering scandal of the United Nations Oil-for-Food program. As it turns out, Oil-for-Food pretty much was Saddam Hussein's weapons program.
  • The Duelfer report's case for war in Iraq, by Michael Barone
    "Intelligence is an inexact business. It deals with things that cannot be known for sure. In this case, it dealt with something that even an ideal intelligence agency could not determine for certain. Our intelligence agencies and those of other countries that concluded that Saddam had WMDs turned out to have erred, but they erred on the proper side, on the side of pessimism, as they had to—because the man had a record of developing WMDs and using them. And he had a record, we now know thanks to Charles Duelfer, of maintaining the capability of using WMDs again. The world and the United States are safer with Saddam in prison."
  • The Report That Nails Saddam, by David Brooks
    Duelfer makes clear on the very first page of his report that it is a story. It is a mistake and a distortion, he writes, to pick out a single frame of the movie and isolate it from the rest of the tale.

    But that is exactly what has happened. I have never in my life seen a government report so distorted by partisan passions. The fact that Saddam had no W.M.D. in 2001 has been amply reported, but it's been isolated from the more important and complicated fact of Saddam's nature and intent.

    But we know where things were headed. Sanctions would have been lifted. Saddam, rich, triumphant and unbalanced, would have reconstituted his W.M.D. Perhaps he would have joined a nuclear arms race with Iran. Perhaps he would have left it all to his pathological heir Qusay.

    We can argue about what would have been the best way to depose Saddam, but this report makes it crystal clear that this insatiable tyrant needed to be deposed. He was the menace, and, as the world dithered, he was winning his struggle. He was on the verge of greatness. We would all now be living in his nightmare."
  • Casus belli
    John B. Dwyer is a military historian. Today he puts the Duelfer Report and Paul Bremer's statements in their historic context, and reminds us why the US really invaded Iraq.
  • United Nations: Oil-for-Food Fiasco?
  • Publishes Iraqi Intelligence Docs
  • Captain's Quarters
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  • Powerline
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