Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Election Shenanigans 2

Recent headlines [Updated at 10/20 11:45 pm, 10/21 8:30 pm]:

Jim Geraghty at NRO Kerry Spot has some choice comments on that Kerry story:
Notice nowhere in this story is there any suggestion that Kerry's plan would be affected by actual election results.

Of course, let's observe that the Democrats' sue-our-way-into-the-White-House strategy needs a couple of events to occur in order to win.

They need:

A) The electoral college total to be close.
B) They need at least one state that could alter the electoral college total to be close.
C) They need that state to have a plausible Election Day controversy.
D) They need that Election Day controversy to disallow a large pile of disputed ballots.
E) They need a legal case to argue that those disputed ballots to be allowed.
F) They need those disputed ballots to be enough to put Kerry over the top.

Not even Al Gore got F.

But it all starts with point A. If Team Bush can boost turnout so that Bush wins by several states' worth of electoral votes, the Kerry legal effort for five simultaneous recounts could look pretty silly. I think the Democrats overestimate public patience for another Florida controversy.

Mark Noonan writes:
If nothing else convinces you to get out and vote on November 2nd, then this should - remember, if it ain't close, they can't cheat. Its unfair, but we of the GOP cannot win narrowly - we have to win big or not win at all. And as for you sensible Democrats out there, its time to vote Republican not because you like Republicans, but because you like our democratic Republic. The Democratic Party, perhaps blindly but at any case in reality, is set to completely undermine American democracy - if the Democrats succeed in an effort to lawsuit their way to victory, then democracy in America is dead; the only thing which will matter is who can game the, which corrupt set of politicians are willing to bare-nuckle their way into power.

Blogs for Bush also has an archive of "Voter Fraud Alert" posts.

Bill Hobbs has been compiling accounts of voter registration irregularities in Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Tennessee, among others. He asks, "If you spot a news story about suspected voter fraud in your part of the country, please send me the link and a brief summary to"

Over at, the RNC researchers have put together a long list of fraud stories too. (I just wish they had hyperlinked to the originals.)

John Fund wonders "Will 'provisional ballots' be the new chads?"

I have more info in my original post, "Election Shenanigans".

I repeat: It looks like it's gonna be ugly... so do your part and VOTE, even if your state is "solidly" for either candidate.