Monday, October 18, 2004

Why I'll Vote for George W. Bush

Hugh Hewitt's challenge: "In 250 words or less, why vote for Bush and what's wrong with Kerry?"

Bush is a proven leader, willing to reject failed policies and try new approaches, whether it's in dealing with Al Qaeda, education, Social Security, or ecology.

Kerry can't brag on his own Senate record.

Bush is a CINC who is deeply respected by the troops and their families.

Kerry will never live down his anti-war activism.

Bush is a pragmatic diplomat, who forges coalitions for different endeavors according to the needs of each situation, whether it's the six-party talks with North Korea, or working through the UN to deal with Sudan and Iran.

Kerry claims diplomacy is imperative in sharing the burden of the war in Iraq, while disparaging the efforts and sincerity of the 30+ allies already there with us.

Bush is a man of vision and a man of faith, who thinks boldly and takes action to promote liberty, democracy, and human dignity around the world.

Kerry is a pessimistic "realist" who lacks a coherent vision beyond "killing all the terrorists" and raising taxes to pay for an ever-larger and more-intrusive government.

I do not trust John Kerry to be anything other than a poll-driven politician, craving international acclaim, who will never act forcefully because the conditions will never be perfect.

I trust George W. Bush to execute faithfully his Oath of Office, acting decisively when necessary to protect and preserve this country.

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