Thursday, September 09, 2004

Almost Friday

I worked late and then went to choir practice, so I'm only making this one post.

I'm just incredulous over the firestorm in the blogosphere and talk radio about the apparent forgeries that CBS attributed to the late Lt Col Killian in their 60 Minutes hit piece yesterday. I looked at the PDF versions available on the CBS site, and yes, they do look fishy. Since when would a military unit have a regular Post Office box number? I'm not that worked up that it's not on letterhead, since carbon copies (literally made with carbon paper) didn't carry the letterhead. I would expect some smudging if it were a carbon copy, though.

However, as others have noted, there are lots of irregularities in format (where in the world are the serial numbers for the correspondence????), typefaces (looks like Times New Roman to many), paper size (it's not 8" x 10.5", which used to be government standard as an "economy" measure), proportional letter spacing and kerning (vs a straight 10-pitch or 12-pitch type "monospace"), curly apostrophes (a feature of type-set type in the 70's, not typewriters), the validity of the signature, etc. ABC has picked up the story, as has the Weekly Standard, WorldNetDaily, and the Washington Post.

Hugh Hewitt says the story behind the story is: who is behind the forgery???

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Just amazing...

I'll update with actual hyperlinks tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm going to check out Nightline which is supposed to be covering this.

Update (12:50 pm 9/11/04): Links are in, with key starting points noted as well. The original PDF files that CBS posted are at

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