Wednesday, September 08, 2004

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I got a quick reply on my email query to

We did post an article in July discussing the service of the F-102 in Vietnam and George W. Bush's pilot experience during that period. However, we have temporarily removed that article. The Gordon Bloyer piece you cite is generally accurate in its use of our article except in one location. Bloyer quotes the following paragraph as coming from our site:

"The folks at aerospaceweb concluded.........

"While Bush did not see combat in Vietnam, it is also obvious he was not seeking a way to avoid the risk of being sent to Vietnam. At the time he was training to be an F102 pilot, ANG units and that aircraft type were based in Vietnam."

In actuality, this quote was not written by us and has never appeared on our site. (Ed. - emphasis added)

As for your specific question about Maurice Udell, the primary source we consulted was an Associated Press story that appeared in a number of newspapers, including the following:

Thank you for visiting our site,

Aerospaceweb Staff


So the bottom line is that part of Bloyer's article is a direct quote from from a page they've since removed, but the conclusion he "quotes" isn't theirs. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Update (11:40 pm 9/11/04): Gordon Bloyer answers my question here.