Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Good reads

Orson Scott Card has a good article this week. Interesting observation:

As it seems right now, the Democratic Party has apparently nominated three habitual, self-serving liars in a row. The guy who has his own definition of "is," the guy who invented the Internet, and now the guy who spent Christmas in Cambodia.

Why hasn't Michael Moore made a movie about that? If, as Linda Ronstadt says, Moore's a great American who exposes liars and hypocrites, then surely we should be seeing the documentary Christmas in Cambodia in all the theaters.

But of course we never will. Because members of the Liars Club never rat each other out. There is, apparently, honor among mudslingers.

Go read Hugh Hewitt. I'll wait.

Then read Patterico for yet another AP kerfluffle.

And finally, a quip from Prestopundit:

We find again that the left -- i.e. the press -- is alienating itself from the general public. Which in this case means ITS CUSTOMERS. Who should be surprised that the custumers are dumping this bump product in market after market? (Ed. - typos in original)