Sunday, September 19, 2004

New Slogans for Kerry

Just about every blog seems to be linking to this list of silly slogans to help the Kerry campaign hone its message (scroll down to "PAGING DARREN STEVENS"). (Hat tip Best of the Web.)

My favorite is his last entry:

Some Look at Things As They Are And Say, 'Why?' Others Look at Things As They Are Not And Say, 'Why Not?', And I Suppose A Few Might Look at Things As They Are Not, And Say 'Why?', and Vice-Versa, and So Forth, And One Might Be Tempted To Look at These People Looking at Things And Ask 'Who?' But This Would Not Be Constructive, Because The Important Thing To Realize Is That Some People Like To Look At Things, And This Is Precisely My Point

Thomas Lifson also comments and excerpts from the list at The American Thinker.

I'm still laughing!